The world we see - The supply chain ecosystem

Human creations are the products of supply chain ecosystems.


 The trees are the brands and the fruits are the products that everyone can see

 The trees have roots going deep in the invisible soil of supply chains

 The soil is composed of millions of living organisms, diverse communities and unique environments

siteweb_vision_02 c o r rection
 The earthworm sees the tree as an ally in his mission to fertilise the soil, allowing Life to flourish


Companies can be forces for harmony in the ecosystem; working with NGOs and communities as sources of resilience, growing as healthy trees


Who we are - The magical appearance of earthworms


In the driest, most desolate place, a person puts a rock next to a tree to create the safe place that allows the earthworms to rise to the surface.

The earthworm transforms dead matter into living soil to help revive the tree and the whole ecosystem.

We are the rock and the earthworm

Where we work - between 2 worlds


We live between 2 worlds

We are between an NGO and a company, between the ground and boardrooms; between environmental and social concerns.

This uncomfortable place where new possibilities emerge.

Where we belong - the murmuration

A murmuration is a flight of starling birds, a dance conducted not by one leader but a common purpose, an inner desire to live and move forward, constantly adapting to others and the changing conditions, together forming beautiful patterns. An inner movement to reconnect with the beauty of Life.

What can we create together?