How Cameroon's biggest employer changed

Change can seem an overwhelming thing, but incremental steps can make a huge difference. Cameroon’s largest employer, sugar cane company SOSUCAM, faced this challenge in 2013. With a real need to improve conditions for staff and build relationships with the local community, it turned to TFT and Monkey Forest Consulting.

TFT created better and structured links between SOSUCAM’s workers and local communities. SOSUCAM adopted this approach and the results have been tangible and real. Today SOSUCAM staff are happier and safer in their jobs and the community feels more consulted and respected.

The video below shows insight into the journey SOSUCAM has been on to bring about real change. As with all journeys, it continues; there is more to be done, but the company now employs responsible and transparent processes that have brought stability and will bring greater benefits for stakeholders and the environment.