Transforming conflict into collaboration

The Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) is an education facility providing teaching and learning on how to initiate and sustain collaboration in the responsible management of natural resources.

Our first CSE was set up in 2008 and is based in Cameroon. We recognised the need for a CSE in Indonesia, and based on the effectiveness of the model, we launched the CSE in Jakarta in 2015. We’re working to combat deforestation and its implications for indigenous communities. We run courses for graduates who show promise in being good mediators, and shorter courses for professional foresters to learn particular skills. We also offer tailored training based on specific company needs.

Why is it needed? When any land is developed for a concession it is vital that all stakeholders are taken into consideration. Countries rich in natural resources often have those resources extracted at the expense of local communities. The communities are not always warned or consulted about, or compensated for, the development of land. This is where the conflict can begin between various stakeholders. Right now there is a shortage of trained professionals with the skills to mediate between these different groups of people. The aim of CSE isn’t simply to prevent conflict, but to create better relationships to help prevent it.

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