Creating resilient, thriving communities and ecosystems

We’re working with our members and other stakeholders to create resilient, thriving communities and ecosystems in key priority landscapes which are under threat from expanding agriculture.

True supply chain transformation will not happen by changing one commodity, one company and one issue at a time. Guided by 18 years’ experience, TFT’s approach to transforming landscapes is about scaling up the impact of our work by supporting existing land-use planning processes being run by key stakeholders, especially governments, and by creating partnerships and employing innovative tools to address shared challenges. A key part of the work is designing and realising plans with both the free, prior and informed consent and full participation of local communities.

In 2016, TFT began work in several priority areas in Indonesia, under the programme’s Bahasa name, Areal Prioritas Transformasi, or APTs. Two of them overlap with the Leuser ecosystem, known as the last place on earth where rhinos, elephants, tigers and orangutans co-exist. Programmes in Peru and Brazil are also in progress, focusing on the Amazon rainforest in Peru and the cerrado (a savannah biome) in Brazil.

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Rob McWilliam, Head of Landscapes
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