TTAP Report on Combating Illegal Logging

The Timber Trade Action Plan (TTAP) was a project which began in 2005 and finished in 2013. Funded by the European Union, and managed by TFT, in partnership with several European Timber Trade Federations, TTAP’s work focused on providing advice and support to European buyers, and their producers, in 10 timber producing and processing countries exporting to Europe from Asia, Africa, and South America.The project has improved conditions for forest workers, and respect and rights for local communities. It has also helped contribute to a shift in attitude towards the responsible management of tropical forests in producer and consumer countries benefitting producers, processors, and buyers. During the course of the project, TTAP has demonstrated that legality verification leads to better resource management, processing efficiency improvements, and improved social norms throughout the supply chain.


TTAP report (English) 2005 - 2013
TTAP report (Français) 2005 - 2013
TTAP report (Espagne) 2005 - 2013