TFT Respect resources

TFT is currently developing a range of materials to help eradicate human exploitation from global supply chains.

Please note: Respect was previously known as No Exploitation.

We see ‘Respect’ as having two core elements: respecting workers, and respecting communities.

We are adding a number of resources to our website in support of this. These resources are used by our social teams, our members and their suppliers. The resources can be shared through industry to help others working to tackle these issues.

We created the TFT Respect Principles as an overarching set of beliefs from which all our resources stem. The Principles are informed by universal human, labour and indigenous rights issues

The resources include guidelines focusing on a specific topic (for example, palm oil guidelines outlining working conditions) and there are factsheets that hone in particular issues raised in the guidelines (for example, child labour). We are also developing supplementary materials to go with many of our factsheets so that people applying the guidelines have working examples of useful templates, such as a ‘no child labour’ policy.

Most of the materials here are created by TFT, though for practical reasons we have also included information on relevant legislation.

Respect resources

TFT Respect Principles
Respect Principles – workers (English) | French |Brazilian Portuguese | PortugueseHindi | Bahasa Indonesia | Bahasa Malay | Mandarin

TFT Respect guidelines
Respect guidelines: Workers in palm oil (English | Brazil Portuguese | Bahasa Indonesia | Bahasa Malay)

TFT Respect factsheets and supplementary material
Labour issues in palm oil
Child labour factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Child labour supplementary material (Mandarin)
Forced and bonded labour factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Forced and bonded labour supplementary material
Health and safety factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Health and safety supplementary material
Employment contracts factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Employment contracts supplementary material
Wages and working hours factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Wages and working hours supplementary material
Harassment and abuse factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Harassment and abuse supplementary material
Access to remedy factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Access to remedy supplementary material
Safe and hygienic accommodation factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia)
Freedom of association and collective bargaining factsheet (Mandarin | Bahasa Indonesia) / Freedom of association and collective bargaining supplementary material
Silicosis factsheet (Mandarin) / Silicosis supplementary material
Modern Day Slavery Act factsheet
Blasting factsheet (Mandarin)

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