Respect the work, Respect the worker

Respect is TFT’s worker welfare programme to protect the rights of workers in global supply chains.

Our vision is to make sure that every worker in the supply chains we touch benefits from TFT’s drive from transformation.

We believe solutions are built by engaging, collaborating and supporting within the supply chain and with all players, rather than checking and auditing. This is why training and capacity building are key to what we do.

At sites we work to:

  • understand the situation and people’s concerns, the causes and obstacles to overcome.
  • review impacts to ensure solutions are implemented properly and improve people’s lives.
  • build solutions in collaboration with the management team.
  • train workers and supervisors, review processes and procedures and change working practices.

The 12 Respect principles underpin everything we do

Fair hours
Health and safety
No child labour
Fair wages
No forced/ bonded labour
Safe, hygienic accommodation
Respect diversity
Freedom of association
Access to remedy
No harassment
Employment contracts
Ethical recruitment

Respect resources

Respect principles, guidelines and fact sheets
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