Putting the farmer at the heart of society

Rurality is TFT’s smallholder farmer programme. It offers a credible way for companies to directly impact the lives of smallholders within their supply chain, therefore impacting their own product quality.

Smallholder farmers are responsible for most of the food we eat in the developed world, and they will need to be agile, innovative and resilient to better cope with the demands of the future. Rurality starts with the belief that every smallholder has the potential to be an entrepreneur, someone with a vision for their business. We work with them to hone their skills and drive innovation.

Rurality field officers live in the same villages as the farmers they collaborate with. Our work includes:

– equipping smallholders with the skills to meet market demands, including product quality and avoiding forest clearance

– helping smallholders respond to challenges like climate change, pest disease, price volatility

– Impacting local rural development by improving the lives of those connected to the smallholder (eg, family, workers).

Want to know more?

Marianne Martinet, Head of Rurality
+41 (0) 22 367 94 40

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