Unprecedented accuracy for verifying ‘Zero deforestation’ commitments

Starling is a powerful satellite-based service from Airbus Defence and Space, TFT and SarVision that helps companies evidence how they are meeting their zero deforestation commitments. It uses a combination of high-resolution optical and radar satellite imagery to provide unbiased monitoring of forest cover change.

Starling uses a combination of 1.5m SPOT images and radar that cuts through cloud cover, allowing year-round monitoring. This accuracy also means that Starling can easily differentiate between crop types and between replanting and deforestation.

After more than 18 months in development, Starling is now in operation with Ferrero and Nestlé as pilot customers and will be launched on 29 June 2017. It will be the first time a technology of this kind is made available to companies, from producers to global brands, to help them make the right decisions and meet the promises set out in their forest conservation policies.

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