3M help suppliers around world do right thing

As part of our Back to the Forest series, which encourages a more responsible pulp and paper industry, 3M talk about how they helping to bring change

We NEED more companies to be open about the work they are doing to protect the environment and the people living and working in it. Instead of relying on certification businesses must take full ownership of the challenge according to what the people working there TRULY BELIEVE in. Show the world what you are doing and be open to scrutiny. Engage and work with suppliers. Share information. We have seen this work.

Look around your office . No doubt you will find a Post-it note. 3M make them, along with more than 50,000 products. They have taken full ownership of their impact on the planet. It is complicated work, but they are committed to doing it. We are doing it with them, too.

So how does a huge company, with suppliers all around the world, make sure the pulp and paper used to make products many of us use every day, has not harmed the environment? As part of our #BacktotheForest series 3M’s Jean Sweeney and Jose Varela explain more in this short video.


Pulp does more than any other commercial wood-based industry to shape forests worldwide. Pulp production creates revenue, rural jobs and many great products. It often promotes good forest management. But in some cases it drives large-scale deforestation, illegal logging, peatland destruction, pollution, corruption and community and human rights violations. TFT calls on pulp and paper producers, suppliers and buyers to choose a responsible and prosperous future. Our ‘Back to the Forest’ paper, shows how ambitious, forward-looking companies can secure their long-term supply chain and transform their sustainability performance.

Back to the Forest