Join us to take carbon out of the atmosphere

TFT CEO Bastien Sachet explains how we're mitigating against carbon emissions by working on projects to take carbon back out of the atmosphere

Our purpose is to fight planetary collapse by taking climate action, protect habitats and prevent exploitation around the world. Sometimes we need to fly to do that. We are well aware of the irony that doing so contributes to one of the very things we are working to fight: climate change. So, we decided to do something about it – first, by measuring our carbon footprint as an organisation.

Measuring our impact

We worked with the South Pole Group to measure our impact, discovering that since being founded in 1999 we have emitted 9,300 carbon tonnes. We have since taken steps to reduce our impact, investing in video conferencing equipment in many of our offices to cut down on air travel. The South Pole Group’s greenhouse gas accounting report for The Forest Trust.

New carbon initiative

However, our work means we will still need to take some flights and as a result continue to contribute to the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. That’s why we have begun a new carbon initiative. It involves setting a price on carbon and using the funding to invest in different projects that take it from the atmosphere.

TFT CEO Bastien Sachet explains more in the video below.

The price we are setting for carbon

The price we are setting for companies and individuals to invest in is $50 per carbon tonne. We will use this to invest in three types of projects:

  1. Forest conservation.
  2. Soils and agriculture – which has immense potential to capture carbon.
  3. Technological innovation to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Talk to us about taking carbon out of the atmosphere

We will be opening a fund for this project which either companies or individuals can invest in. We invite other companies to measure their carbon impact and reduce their emissions as much as they can and we are ready to talk with companies about meaningful projects that take carbon out of the atmosphere. Contact us on info@

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