Transparency is critical to the change process.

Transparency tools are a serious offering to our members and partners through our SURE Technology™

Transparency is how companies earn trust and engagement from stakeholders, NGOs and civil society. It lays the path for working together to find solutions.

TFT helps companies transform the way they source their products. This led us to develop our SURE Technology™, with a variety of tools to help companies plan, understand and communicate what’s going on in their supply chains.

Our members commit to deep change in their supply chains and work with us on an ongoing basis. With our field teams working on their behalf, we can offer the following SURE modules to members:

SURE for members

Transparency dashboards

Sharing company progress on conservation commitments in the field

Supply chain management

Identifying, linking and mapping all nodes within the supply chain

Product stories

Connecting customers via their mobile phones with the stories of the products they’re buying

SURE for non-members

Due Diligence System for timber legality

Helping buyers and their global suppliers communicate about product orders and comply with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)


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