Members make far-reaching commitments to respect people and nature in their supply chains. They work with us on an ongoing journey of improvement and innovation. See our Member Handbook for more about TFT membership.

Socfin Group

Socfin Group

Socfin Group specialises in the development and management of oil palm and rubber tree plantations (rubber tree area: 65 017 ha, oil palm area: 124 778 ha). The group has 15 operations (plantations and factories) in eight African countries and two in South East Asia.

Socfin Group’s membership started in January 2017 after the announcement of its new Responsible Management Policy in December 2016, developed with TFT’s support. The policy, which covers all operations within the Socfin Group, comprises best in class commitments for forest conservation and human rights, including: management practices, responsible development of its operations, respecting human rights and supply chain transparency.

TFT is supporting Socfin in implementing their policy throughout their operations although, given the extent of their operations, initial focus of our work together is happening in Cameroon and Ghana as well as group level operations such as transparency and grievance management process.

Together with Socfin we have developed their transparency dashboard which holds latest progress on the policy implementation as well as maps of their operations and progress on grievance management.