We work on and support a number of projects – many in collaboration with our members – to build capacity and resilience in global supply chains. Projects range from community forest initiatives that help bring smallholder farmers to the international market, to educational centres that aim to improve the way companies and communities interact with each other.

Centre of Social Excellence (CSE Africa)

Centre of Social Excellence (CSE Africa)

  • Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • Project type: Education organisation
  • Started: 2009

The Centre for Social Excellence (CSE Africa) was founded by TFT to create improved relationships between logging companies and local communities. TFT’s work with logging companies in the Congo Basin found that there was limited understanding of how they could engage with those local communities.

Relations between the two groups were not always good. There was a tendency for logging companies to only communicate with local communities when there was a problem. While those problems may have the potential to create conflict, not apologising to the communities for any potential problem would make the problem worse.

First launched in 2009 in Congo-Brazzaville, then later moved to Cameroon, the CSE is training the forestry managers of the future. The aim was not simply to prevent conflict, but to create better relationships in order to help prevent it. It is equipping young graduates and professional foresters with the tools to initiate and sustain a constructive dialogue between forest dependent communities and forest managers.

The CSE is a learning centre that aims to promote and improve relationships between companies and local communities in the Congo Basin working with all aspects of social management including conflict resolution, Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) and worker’s rights. CSE graduates require very specific skills. They need to be able to listen and communicate effectively with a range of different stakeholders.

It is a one year course combining theoretical grounding, provided by a range of lecturers who are all renowned experts in social and forestry issues, with practical application via internships within forestry companies.

CSE application 2018

CSE Dossier de Candidature 2018 

Summary of CSE training 2018

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Centre of social excellence (CSE Indonesia)

Centre of social excellence (CSE Indonesia)

  • Location: Indonesia

CSE Indonesia aims to replicate the success of CSE Africa, which was launched in 2009. Although CSE Indonesia will work on a far bigger scale, offering a variety of different courses to suit the needs of different people. The newly learned skills CSE Indonesia will provide will empower practitioners and the organisations they work for to tackle the formidable social challenges faced today in Indonesia.

CSE Indonesia builds the capacity to manage natural and social resources more responsibly. It provides training to companies, government, NGOs, graduates and community leaders, which makes them far better equipped to engage with stakeholders. These skills can be used to tackle the causes of potential conflict that land development can cause in thousands of villages throughout Indonesia.

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